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Child Benefit and Self Assessment

Under new rules since 7th January 2013 if you are receiving Child benefit and either you or your partner earn more than £50K, you will have to complete a self assessment tax return and will have to pay back some of the Child Benefit. Child Benefit is clawed back at 1% for every £100 of excess income, so that when

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HMRC Penalties

Personal Tax Self Assessment Tax Returns have to be submitted no later than 31st January after the tax year e.g. 2011/12 Tax Returns are due no later than 31st January 2013. People who take their time getting round to submitting their self assessment Tax Returns got a big shock this year. Their 2010/11 Tax Return was due to be submitted

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Difficulty in getting through to HMRC – Self Assessment or PAYE

HMRC have an appalling record of telephone service. In the tax year 2010/11 48 people out of 100 could not get through to them when they tried!. Callers can face a wait of over 30 mins which on 0845 telephone numbers will not be cheap. Some people have dispensed with landlines and just have mobiles. This makes it very expensive

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HMRC’s customer service continues to be appalling

HMRC’s customer service continues to be appalling. It was recently announced that it had improved its telephone service and increased its call answering from 1 in 2 calls to 3 in 4 calls. Any large company that failed to answer 25% of its customers calls let alone 50% would be severely critised in the media. There are some departments of

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